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TomArth Recording Studio located in the heart of Abuja. It’s by all standards one of the best places to record your Demo or Album project. The Studio is equipped with industry standard hardware and a pool of award winning producers and engineers that are not only passionate about sound but also about bringing out the very best out of every Artist.

With close to 12 years’ experience in Sound Recording and Music Production TomArth Recording Studios has evolved dramatically over the years to suite the modern demand for digital production.We are located at 54 Hamza Abdullahi Rd, Kubwa, Nigeria.

TomArth Recording Studios is always available to give you the best audio recording solutions for your music singles and album recording projects.
Our music directing offers you the best methods to arrange your music lyrics, melodies, harmonizing and backups, instrumentation programming that suits your music style/genre and makes it very presentable and appealing to your targeted audience as well as to the entire market.
We also have the best sound engineering skills and experience to give you the best selling audio music outputs and formats from recording to editing and mixing to mastering as well as output monitoring and feedbacks.
Are you recording for the first time? Don’t panic!
TomArth Recording Studios will ensure that you will be given adequate time to adapt to your new instrumentals and music rhythms; enabling you to record your vocals without errors as well as giving you a professional studio and live performance.
TomArth Recording Studios is also available for aspiring individuals who want to learn the basics in music production at affordable fees and be able to create their own instrumentals.

There are more to know as a musician when you make TomArth Recording Studios your home studio today

We specialize in working one on one with singers
and guiding them through the process of artist development. 



Explore our music production services and packages to see which one is right for your project. Listen to our music, and contact us for a Free Consultation.

Great vocal instruction and vocal coaching can take you to a new level. We’ll give you the tools you need to really control your voice, and the vocal coaching to help develop and refine your own unique style.

TomArth has a team of talented, published songwriters ready to work on your music demo/masters. We’ll create customs songs specifically for your voice and style.m.

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TomArth Recording studio
We bring your inspirations LIVE
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